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Meditation and Prayer

From my perspective I seem to be drawn to three types of articles.  Some are written with the intention of relaying new information; finance, politics, foreign lands…just to mention some of my interests. Others are articles written by people debating … Continue reading

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Emails and Me

Email can be a powerful tool for communication, or a major distraction.  As a person who has over 300 unread emails in her “daily” mailbox I personally consider emails a burdensome necessity to everyday life.  Scanning the new arrivals I … Continue reading

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A Christian Woman’s Answer to Jay-Z

As a 50-something, I have never liked nor listened to rap. I confess my ears cannot seem to grasp the fast paced lyrics, which probably explains why rap is popular with the younger generation – their parents can’t understand what … Continue reading

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Directive to Remember

I love this card that is going throughout the internet. It came to me via Facebook, and I cannot help but notice how the card says “He will need them back”… not that He will “want them back” or that God ” might … Continue reading

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Separation of Church and State…Is that Possible?

           This is truly a must read, from a fellow blogger, Catholic, and American.  By: Edna Jean S. Halbach During the last year I have come to realize there are many events where a conflict between my faith and my … Continue reading

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