She Chooses Life

My Parents Chose LifeLife is precious.

Despite everything this beautiful baby girl has gone through in her short life…open heart surgery and a severe MRSA-Staph infection to name just a few… she is reaching out for love and life.  She is ready to get on with the business of living.

How many of us can say the same thing?

This Christmas, reach out for life.  Do not let the evils in our world compromise your ability to see God in the people He places in your path today.  Do not let worries about life’s  daily minutia compromise your joy with all God gives you today.  Do not let today’s frustrations and misfortunes  compromise your belief in the goodness of God’s plan for you.

Do not forget to reach out for life…and love.  Trust life is as it should be, according to His will. Remember:

 ‘This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad”

(PSALM 118:24)


About Carol Bannon

Member of iCatholic community, Catholic Writers Guild, married with 4 children. Author of A Handshake From Heaven, a Catholic book on the Eucharist and the Handshake From Heaven Lesson Plan Book, currently available through Amazon. Also a contributor to Catholic Mom and an avid reader.
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