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Just One Hug a Day

Please take time to watch this video, profiled on MSN. Tim’s Place A childhood friend of mine posted this video on Facebook with the caption “Be Still My Heart” 🙂  I could not resist. You see, Tim has Downs Syndrome. … Continue reading

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Yes America, There Really Are Good People!

“A few weeks ago, a 93-year-old WWII vet in Fort Wayne collapsed from fatigue while clearing snow from his driveway. After this week’s heavy snow, four firemen who had come to the man’s aid returned to his home — to … Continue reading

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Lost something?

Today we celebrate the feast day of a man who for my family is indispensable. In fact, the older my family becomes, the more we need him around. Eyeglasses all of a sudden AWOL from one’s nightstand, coffee cups  no longer where … Continue reading

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Everything is Local

Picking up our paper today, I remembered Tip O’Neil’s favorite saying about politics: “in politics, everything is local”. This is also true of almost everything. One town thirty miles away is in the midst of a teacher’s strike – but … Continue reading

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I Agree With Peter

Today’s Lenten reflection concerned the one saint who I feel bests understands the human condition…St. Peter!  He felt all the human weaknesses, and often expressed himself in ways that I can readily understand.  He was tired so he slept,  even … Continue reading

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