Ash Wednesday Meanderings

Today begins Lent; today is the time to put away frivolity and fun – or is it?

One of the verses found in today’s Mass is “Beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them: for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven. (Mt 6:1)

It would appear the thought of frivolity and fun then is appropriate.  We are called to put on a happy face, a face that shows the world how much we appreciate every flower, every cloud, every single person we encounter in our daily lives. Lent isn’t meant to be a somber time so much as it is, for me, a time to sincerely observe and integrate all the blessings I have been given in life.  And in doing so I hope to achieve balance.

Balance not in the body-sense, although Lord knows I need it…but a balance that fully integrates my mind, soul, and body.  A balance that can only be achieved by finding that which is within me, unique to me. 

At each stage of our lives the balancing act is different.  Some times we may find ourselves more in need of balance in our spiritual life.  Other times, we become so focused on achieving something we can’t turn our mind off from worrying, wondering, and deciding what to do next.  And then there are those times that our body betrays us, and we find ourselves wondering “Why me Lord?  Are you serious Lord?”

Lent is the time to remember that the focal point of true and complete balance begins and ends with Him.  Turn inward, search for the Light within each one of us…and we will  find not only balance, but everlasting joy.

About Carol Bannon

Member of iCatholic community, Catholic Writers Guild, married with 4 children. Author of A Handshake From Heaven, a Catholic book on the Eucharist and the Handshake From Heaven Lesson Plan Book, currently available through Amazon. Also a contributor to Catholic Mom and an avid reader.
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