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Separation of Church and State…Is that Possible?

           This is truly a must read, from a fellow blogger, Catholic, and American.  By: Edna Jean S. Halbach During the last year I have come to realize there are many events where a conflict between my faith and my … Continue reading

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Woman feeding hungry children told to stop

A woman was told to stop feeding the hungry children in her neighborhood after a neighbor complained to the township’s council.  She was aided in this ministry by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. After an initial ourpouring of emails demanding the … Continue reading

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Feeling a Little Bit of Guilt

As everyone loves to point out, there are times when Catholics feel as if they invented the concept of guilt. As mothers, who has not tried to evoke feelings of guilt in our children?  God knows, God sees, God is … Continue reading

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Help Love Transfusion Help Others

Received a note on Facebook about a little boy called Gaven who is one today.  His picture just made me go “Ohhhh..what a cutie”.  It is his birthday today, so please send prayers his way.  He has ATRT brain cancer, … Continue reading

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Standing in Line Patiently

Could not resist when my 24 yr old son invited me to try out Chick-Fil-A today, so we rode the motorcycles over to grab a “quick” bite to eat. Imagine my surprise when we rode up to discover a line … Continue reading

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