Come on people – lets get serious about unions!

Before I point out the ironies associated with unions, let me preface this blog posting with the following info: 

My grandfather was beaten by mobs who were on the payroll of Chrysler when he was trying to help form the union.  In fact, he was one of the original “union” organizers back then.  But, in 1983, when Detroit was experiencing a deep recession, he was the first to state that the unions themselves had become the problem.  He predicted the unions would destroy the very jobs he and others before him had tried so hard to improve.  He also said that the union bosses had become drunk with power – and they would do anything to maintain power.

Look at the following list of contributors to our political parties:

Leading Union Political Campaign Contributors
Democrats Republicans

American Fed. of State, County, & Municipal Employees

$40,281,900 $547,700

Intel Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

29,705,600 679,000

National Education Association

27,679,300 2,005,200

Service Employees International Union

26,368,470 98,700

Communication Workers of America

26,305,500 125,300

Service Employees International Union

26,252,000 1,086,200

Laborers Union

25,734,000 2,138,000

American Federation of Teachers

25,682,800 200,000

United Auto Workers

25,082,200 182,700

Teamsters Union

24,926,400 1,822,000

Carpenters and Joiners Union

24,094,100 2,658,000

Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union

23,875,600 226,300

United Food and Commercial Workers Union

23,182,000 334,200


17,124,300 713,500

Sheet Metal Workers Union

16,347,200 342,800

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union

14,790,000 818,500

Operating Engineers Union

13,840,000 2,309,500

Airline Pilots Association

12,806,600 2,398,300

International Association of Firefighters

12,421,700 2,685,400

United Transportation Workers

11,807,000 1,459,300

Ironworkers Union

11,638,900 936,000

American Postal Workers Union

11,633,100 544,300

Nat’l Active & Retired Fed. Employees Association

8,135,400 2,294,600

Seafarers International Union

6,726,800 1,281,300

Source: Center for Responsive Politics, Washington, D.C.

Is it any wonder that the union bosses would import people from CA to picket in WI?  Or NY to picket in OH?  Of course not.  We are up against a very powerful foe.

Forwarned it is…..who will win this battle?  Lets hope the true middle class does – the waitresses, the chefs, the middle managment, and all who make between 20-80 G’s, who do not have a “pension” and who only have a 401K for retirement and whatever Social Security is left. They are also the ones  who pay over 23% of their income for health benefits.  Imagine – with one union alone – 40M to the democratic party to keep them in check!  And this being the PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNION!  Who are they being protected from anyway?  The True Middle Class?  The American Taxpayer?

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Member of iCatholic community, Catholic Writers Guild, married with 4 children. Author of A Handshake From Heaven, a Catholic book on the Eucharist and the Handshake From Heaven Lesson Plan Book, currently available through Amazon. Also a contributor to Catholic Mom and an avid reader.
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